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IQS Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd (a Startup India, MSME India and MCA Registered Company) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Non-Ferrous Forged components. We are among one of the fastest-growing forging and casting companies in India.The company is engaged in diverse product segments such as: Brass Forgings, Aluminium Forgings, Copper Forgings, Bronze Forgings, Aluminium Casting and Brass Casting as well. And our motto is to benchmark ourselves as the best service providers for non-ferrous casting and forging components in India and throughout the world.

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Our aspiration was always to provide the best products and services to our clients across the globe, but having discussions with International clients made us think that just by committing that we will provide quality solutions is not enough. We ought to combine the knowledge of international quality requirements with the understanding of Indian Manufacturing practices to create a unique solution. This is how “International Quality Solutions (IQS)” was born.

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It is rightly said that “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” We, at IQS Engineering Solutions, strive not only to be a success but to be of value. In today’s rapidly changing diverse requirements of the market, consumers always look for customized and advanced solutions to meet their requirements. We work in close partnership with our clients to understand their requirements and provide innovative engineered solutions to them. IQS Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers best-in-class non-ferrous forgings and casting solutions. To be precise, we offer Brass Forgings, Aluminium Forgings, Copper Forgings, Bronze Forgings, Aluminium Castings, Brass Castings and Tooling and Die-making services. We deal in a wide-range of industries where our products are utilized.

Agricultural Equipments
Pipeline & Valve Systems
fire safety
Fire Safety Systems
Heating and AC
Heating & Air Conditioning
Electronics & Consumer Goods
Electrical & Earthing fittings
Marine Hardware
Marine Hardware

We work across diverse industries to deliver excellent quality standards to all of them. We have worked with various international clients and developed an acute understanding of their needs.

Quality of products and services is never achieved by chance. It is always the result of perfect planning, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution and implementation. This is what we follow at IQS Engineering Solutions. All our QA systems are based on the latest ISO 9001:2015 techniques which ensure that all our customers get error-free results as we believe that our customers are the most important assets of our company. All of these records are maintained meticulously and studied for continuous improvement.

We also have Test labs to measure the hardness, temperature, chemical compositions and metrology of the metals. It helps in providing the objective analytical data on the quality of our products. All these measures are executed to deliver the best quality to our customers. We at IQS Engineering Solutions are Committed to Quality and Committed to You.