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Sustainability is an integral part of IQS Engineering Solutions's business strategy and development. We believe it is our mutual responsibility. We do not want our plant emissions to create any kind of danger to our environment. That is why our organization makes various efforts to serve our society, nation and environment.

We, at IQS Engineering Solutions believe that sustainability is directly proportional to doing more good to the environment and society as the damage is already done so just by reducing our carbon footprints we will no longer contribute. We need to take further sustainable measures to improve on every aspect.

IQS Engineering Solutions is taking several green initiatives to improve the tomorrows and minimize its footprints. The steps we are taking towards sustainability:

  • Solar Panels – We have a 60kW Solar Power generation plant fitted onto the rooftop of our factory and we are planning to expand it further.
  • Rain Water Harvesting – It is evident that rainwater harvesting is an eco-friendly technique to save water that also increases the level of ground water. IQS believes that effective use of this method helps us to save our earth. We are following this method effectively.
  • Tree Plantation – On continuous intervals, we do tree plantations.
  • Electrical and Gas based heating System - We are shifting towards electrical and gas based system of heating to minimize pollution and reduce our carbon footprints for a better tomorrow.