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We supply non-ferrous castings made at our foundries. A foundry or metal factory casts metals into shapes by melting them down and pouring the molten liquid into a sand, ceramic or metal mould to form geometrically complex parts. The metal is then allowed to cool, as the metal solidifies.

  • Induction Furnace 125 KW
  • Sand Casting
  • Gravity Die Casting
  • Shell Moulding
forging plant
Forging Plant

The benefit of forging technology is the component savings achieved through precision shapes that require only minimal finishing. We have the necessary expertise in producing customised hot & cold forging parts. Forging plants are capable of producing superior-quality metal parts in a virtually limitless array of sizes, shapes, materials and finishes. During this hot forging process, the cast, coarse grain structure is broken up and replaced by more refined grains.

Machine Shop

Our fully equipped machine shop is geared to develop parts of excellent dimensional accuracy. A machine shop is a room where machining or any form of subtractive manufacturing is carried out. In a machine shop, machining mechanics use machine tools or cutting tools to manufacture parts made of metal and other materials. This section processes the forging into finished products.


Here the final steps take place - putting two parts together, inspecting it, testing it, making it ready to be used by the customer and ensuring the proper and timely dispatch is done here. We are dedicated to offering high precision parts with superior quality. IQS Engineering Solutions ensures the quality of its products through state-of-the-art inspection facilities.

tool room
CAD/CAM Tool Room

We have a full-fledged CAD/CAM tool room. Work here starts with a 2D drawing of a product, converting it into a 3D model and designing the tooling. All sorts of experimentations, simulations take place here with which we manufacture the toolings in-house that are supplied to the forging plant.