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CAD/CAM Tool Room

CAD/CAM tool room

We have a captive CAD/CAM tool room. Work here starts with a 2D drawing of a product, converting it into a 3D model and designing the tooling. All sorts of experimentations, simulations take place here with which we manufacture the toolings in-house that are supplied to the forging plant.

Upon confirming the manufacturing feasibility, the design is released to the toolroom to manufacture the tool using latest techniques using the following:

  • Tool Manufacturing
  • Sample Production
  • Sample testing and approval
  • Production Handover
  • Latest CAD/CAM software - CAD/CAM engineering capabilities allow us to design detailed products and product geometry. Our manufacturing experts and quality engineers work synchronically to reverse engineer parts and refine their design, tooling, and fabrication.
  • CNC Vertical machining Center with Auto Tool Changer (VMC) - VMCs are utilized mainly as metal cutting machines that remove steel, aluminum, or other hard materials, shaping a raw block of element into a precisioned, or “machined” surface. VMCs are used not only cutting, but also drilling, carving, engraving, chamfering and several other purposes. These machines are very popular all across the world because of their versatility and relatively low cost.
  • Spark Erosion Machine – Spark erosion is directed through metal disintegration machines (EDM). EDMs utilize electrodes to send low voltage/ high current electrical charges that melt the selected piece of metal while cold water thermal shocks the molten steel and pulverizes it into micro-size parts, and flushes it away. Spark erosion machines are also used to create blind cavities. These are also utilized where conventional milling machines cannot be used, such as for machining sharp corners or materials.
  • Surface Grinding Machine - Surface grinding machines are used to provide the components a more sophisticated glance and produce a good surface finish on them. In these machines, a grinding wheel is used as a cutting tool to remove the component from the surface of the workpiece.
  • 3-D CNC Engraving Machine - We use the most advanced 3D CNC engraving machines to cut out the metals and carve a design out of them. Our Modern CAD/CAM software makes it relatively simple to draw an idea, work out the tool paths, and turn it into a finished object.