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The benefit of forging technology is the savings achieved through precision shapes that require only minimal finishing. We have the necessary expertise in producing customised hot & cold forging parts.

Forging plants are capable of producing superior-quality metal parts in a virtually limitless array of sizes, shapes, materials and finishes. During this hot forging process, the cast, coarse grain structure is broken up and replaced by more refined grains.

Benefits Of Forging :

  • Components manufactured by forging process are stronger
  • Forging offers a high-grade response to heat treatment
  • Forging process results in more consistent and better metallurgical properties
  • Forging offers a broad size spectrum of products
  • Designing flexibility is increased with the forging process

Forging Presses

7 Mechanical screw and crank presses ranging from 100- 400 Tons

Billet Heating

Induction heating, Natural gas


Automatic CNC circular saws Cutting Presses Band saws

Post forging

8 Trimming and piercing presses ranging from 10 -50 ton capacity

Surface Cleaning

Batch type shot blasting machines

Metal Alloys forged

C37700, C95600, C95500, Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium Bronze A-6061, A-6082, A-7075

Component Size

20 grams to 2.5 kgs