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Quality Control

Quality control is a vital part of our operations. We take additional efforts at the initial discussion stage, to understand the requirements and define them in quantifiable quality terms.

We study the technical drawings to prepare a set of manufacturing quality instruction sheets. The QA team uses these sheets for quality assurance. Our QA team reports directly to the Project Manager.

We use QA systems that are based on the latest ISO 9001:2015 and IATF techniques All the records are maintained meticulously.


What are the values? Validate & select.

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Analyze & Measure

Determine the process & analyze critical input.

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Control & Improve

Statistical Quality Control Techniques are used throughout the manufacturing processes

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Design Confirmation

After a customer places an order, all the details of the product’s design are cross-checked with him / her to avoid any unnecessary losses and time consumption.

Raw material Inspection

The metal compositions are inspected before-hand every time to ensure that the material is according to the requirements.

Dimension Tolerance Inspection

To ensure that our customers get only the correct dimensions of the products, this type of inspection takes place that removes all types of quality issues at this stage.

Appearance Inspection

Our QA team analyses all surface defects of the products at this stage so that products with defects like scratches, cracks do not pass on to the customer.

Physical Properties Inspection

To confirm that the properties of the products comply with the specified requirements, hardness testing, yield strength, tensile strength and load testing is done.


We believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why process of improvement and amelioration continues.

We design quality products that engage the right customers premium customers superior customers

QA systems based on the latest ISO 9001:2015 techniques are used.

  • Committed for customer delight
  • Production of consistent quality products
  • Continuous improvement in our processes for effective outcome
  • Transparency towards Customers

Quality Policy

IQS Engineering Solutions is committed to achieve total customer satisfaction through innovation and continual improvements of all our Quality Management System and Business Processes.
IQS Engineering Solutions will be well a trusted name worldwide in the industry for quality of Non- Ferrous forging components.
The company mission is to successfully deliver to customers, quality and cost effective products and services on time, every time.

The Policy embraces the following key principles:

  • Interested Parties are integral to the Quality Management Process & fulfilment.
  • We are committed to satisfy applicable statutory & regulatory requirements.
  • All our team members shall be encouraged and empowered to participate in Quality Management System improvement activities through teamwork.

Management is fully committed in determining, reviewing the continuing suitability of their Quality Policy & Objective through active participation in Quality Management System Improvement Activities.