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The precise composition of metal alloys stands as a pivotal factor in ensuring the excellence of cast and forged components. At our establishment, this aspect is held in the highest regard, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality assurance. To uphold this commitment, we have invested in cutting-edge technology, including the latest Optical Emission Spectrometer. This sophisticated equipment empowers us to meticulously analyze and certify the composition of copper and aluminium-based alloys. With the capability to detect and display results for up to 26 base elements, our Optical Emission Spectrometer plays a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and quality of the alloys we utilize in our production processes.

Each foundry heat and every batch of metal extrusions undergoes rigorous scrutiny. We subject them to comprehensive testing to ascertain their chemical composition, ensuring that they adhere to the stringent standards we set for quality. Notably, meticulous records of these analyses are diligently maintained for up to two years.

This dedication to thorough analysis and record-keeping underscores our unwavering commitment to quality control and assurance. By employing state-of-the-art technology and stringent protocols, we guarantee that the alloys utilized in our production processes meet the highest standards, ensuring the superior quality and reliability of our cast and forged components.