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Manufacturing Excellence in the Non Ferrous Cast and Forged World

Published on 2022-07-29

It is rightly said that "To deliver meaningful service, you must add something that cannot be bought with money or estimated in regards to money, and those things are honesty and probity.”

At IQS Engineering Solutions, we aim to be useful in addition to being successful. Consumers always seek for specialised and cutting-edge solutions to satisfy their needs in the market's diversified, continuously changing requirements of today. We collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their needs and offer them creatively developed solutions. The non-ferrous forgings and casting solutions provided by IQS Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are finest in class. To be more explicit, we provide services for tooling and die-making as well as brass, aluminium, copper, bronze, and brass forgings.

We collaborate with several industries to give high quality standards to each one of them. As a result of our cooperation with several foreign clients, we have a thorough grasp of their demands.

Products and services of high quality are never the result of chance. Perfect preparation, earnest efforts, wise leadership, deft execution, and competent implementation are always the key components. At IQS Engineering Solutions, we adhere to these principles. Given that we consider our clients to be the most valuable assets in our business, all of our Quality Assurance (QA) systems are built using the most up-to-date ISO 9001:2015 methodologies. All of these recordings are carefully preserved and examined for ongoing development.


Trust, openness, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect for others are values we love and care about when it comes to conducting excellent business. By offering our clients outstanding service from beginning to the end, we work hard to live up to these ideals every day. Because of our diligence and commitment to client satisfaction over the past 20 years, we have developed steadily.

We will work to achieve organisational excellence by becoming our respected clients' preferred source for non-ferrous metal forgings and castings that are of consistently high quality, prompt delivery, and reasonable price.

To constantly surpass client expectations while being the best in class provider of goods and services for non-ferrous metal forgings and castings, following are our values.

  • ● Be a polite and trustworthy service provider
  • ● Safety at all times & Complete Transparency in All Communications
  • ● "Customer First" Policy & Systems Driven Processes
  • ● Growth via Innovation and Technology
  • ● Embrace Improvements and Reject Complacency

    We have been efficiently serving the global enterprise network in Europe, Middle East and Asia since the beginning. Currently, we're exporting to our prestigious customers within the U.K., The Netherlands, Canada, France, Germany and U.A.E. We are constantly increasing our worldwide footprints to benchmark ourselves as worldwide marketplace leaders.

    We are continuously locating approaches to apply superior quality solutions to lessen the turn-round time of our services. This method presents reliability and versatility to our customers.


    Sustainability is a vital part of IQS Engineering Solutions’ enterprise method and development. We no longer need our plant emissions to create any form of risk to our surroundings. That is why we take numerous measures to serve our society, country and the environment.

    We, at IQS Engineering Solutions, consider that sustainability is directly proportional to doing extra right to the surroundings and society because the harm is already accomplished so simply with the aid of lowering our carbon footprints we can now no longer contribute. We have to take similar sustainable measures to enhance each aspect.

    IQS Engineering Solutions is taking numerous initiatives like Solar Panel Installations, Rain Water Harvesting, Tree Plantations and some more to better the future and decrease its carbon footprints.

    It's been a great journey since we began and established our remarkable presence in the manufacturing industry. We are one of the top names when it comes to serving the quality with assurance and that's the reason for our behemoth success.

    At last, we would like to convey a message to our readers that we will come up with further innovations with much more enthusiasm and dedication towards our business.