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IQS Engineering Solutions: Products & Services

Published on 2023-01-19

Pipeline and Fittings

IQS Engineering manufactures various components such as fittings, nozzles, connectors, and valves which can be applied in the pipeline industry.

The company provides a wide range of fittings including but not limited to single ferrule fitting, double ferrule fitting, fire and safety fittings, forging adaptors, tee fittings, brass elbows among others. Pipe fittings play a critical role in the industry as miles of pipes are laid with the help of this. While the list of piping applications continues to expand, its strength, flexibility, very good flow rates and high chemical resistance are qualities which are uniquely suited for the movement or transfer of liquids, steam, solids, and air from one point to another.

Oil burner nozzle, brass oil nozzle are among some of the different kinds of the nozzles that the company produces. The nozzles are manufactured from high-quality metals ready to withstand the challenges encountered in every industry or industrial process. It is a matter of choice; and for every choice, quality has its cost.

Industrial valves are components that are used to regulate liquids or gases. Their flow can be controlled using these valves. It can be achieved through pipes and other passageways by opening, closing, or partially obstructing the passageway or pipe. Various kinds of valves IQS Engineering provides are can tap valve, angle valve, water heater pressure relief valve, hydrocarbon valve, etc.

Apart from these wide range of products, IQS Engineering Solutions also produces break pipe connectors, fuel line connectors, washing machine check nut, brass Bib cock and gas cock.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has been booming and is very significant in today's world. Fluid control connectors in electric and diesel locomotives, CNG fuel application fittings, Heating rod supports, Radiator plugs, Automotive Pneumatics parts, Automotive Forged Components on Screw Presses and Electric Heating Ovens are what IQS Engineering specialises in. The characteristics of forged parts like strength, reliability and economy are what make them ideal for major automotive applications. Forged components are majorly found at points of shock and stress such as wheel spindles, kingpins, axle beams and shafts, torsion bars, ball studs, idler arms, pitman arms and steering arms.

Electrical Components

IQS has spared no effort to establish a foothold in the market for forged and cast electrical components. Forging adaptor, Adaptor cap, Starter body, Electrical & Earthing manufacturing are just some of the applications of it. Forged components make possible structures and designs that accommodate the highest loads and stresses. Heavy Duty switchgears and relay adapters can also be manufactured by virtue of forging techniques.

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